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    Pulling a perfect shot of espresso or brewing great coffee starts with a great machine, and that’s true both at the local coffee shop and at home.  But with an at-home espresso machine, there’s no need to wait in line to get a premium quality beverage, as you can fit your coffee into your own personal ritual.  And with a machine that allows you to use any beans you want, you can always stay on top of the latest trends in flavors, roasts, and seasonality.  You’re free to try as many coffees as you life, adjust the timing, change the coarseness of the grind, add more beans, or a splash more milk--anything you want in order to experiment and find the most perfect cup of coffee for yourself.  

  • When you’re looking to purchase one of these machines, you’ll need to decide if you’d prefer a steam-driven or pump-driven machine.  The original Italian espresso machines were all steam-driven, and although these machines can’t generate enough pressure to produce true espresso, they are considerably cheaper than pump-driven versions.  If you’re seeking to make a true connoisseur-style shot of espresso on a consistent basis at home, then you’ll probably want to invest in a pump-driven machine.  

  • We can further dissect the machine styles into semi-automatic and super-automatic.  Semi-automatics are the realm of the true connoisseur, and take more time and effort to not only produce the espresso, but also to maintain the quality level of the machine and its products.  Super-automatic machines do almost all of the process for you, meaning you can get a good shot without any extra work, for those either on the go or who prefer convenience over control.  Whichever machine works best for you, we hope you find what you’re looking for right here on Mug a’ Java.

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